BeYu strobe & define palette – Review #beauty #review

Contouring+ highlighting+blush+powder @₹ 1,450? Wondering how? Get yourself @beyu_india ‘s strobe & define palette

➡️ A square-shaped flat palette with a magnetic lid.
➡️ Contains 4 pans & step-by-step instructions for application is provided

➡️ Really nice textured
➡️Suits indian skin tone (dark – fair) versatile shades
➡️ Blending is so easy, (perfect for a beginner’s kit)
➡️ Parabens free
➡️Travel friendly
➡️ Affordable

➡️ Doesn’t have a mirror, you have to carry one for yourself.
➡️Not available in Nykaa. Limited in stores as well.

Tip: Better applied with brush than a beauty blender

Rating : 4/5

Over all experience : good


Current favourite skincare products

Hello my lovely viewers! Today’s review is all about my current favourite skin care products.

1.NiveaBody LotionAloe Hydration: Highly recommend for summer and monsoon. Blends smoothly, amazing consistency (neither too thick not too thin).

Light weighted, deeply moisturizes and absorbs absolutely well. Skin looks glowing and fresh. It is non-sticky and hydrating. It is more like a serum not at all creamy. It provides a coverage for 4-5 hours.

2.Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Milk: Indeed a good product at an affordable price. Cleans dirt and grime well. Can’t be used to remove makeup though. Best thing about this product is not only it cleans my face but also leaves my dry skin moisturized without any break out. Will not recommend it for oily skin as the product is very creamy.

3. Blossom Kochhar Aromatic skin toner: This is the most favourite part of my skin care routine. This toner is worth buying. Very hydrating and sets phenomenally on skin. Skin looks glowing, tightens pores well.

4. Ayorma Deep Exfoliator: I received it from @fabbag( in a giveaway I won this with few other products) It is a mild scurb and gently removes the dead skin cells and cleans pores. Skin looks glowing. I use it once a week.

Do let me know if you have used any of these and don’t forget to share your experience with me ♥️

With love.

Hope you have a great weekend ♥️

Return if possible.. (R.I.P)

It’s been a while since I last visited WP, like really visited, read stuff on my reader, wrote something. I have started working as an independent film maker.

Rip or return if possible is my first project. I want to share my work with my WordPress family. I really want you guys to check this out

I have written this story and directed it is the link

Do watch it and let me know did you liked it or not ?


In a world full of cocktails,why not be someone’s red wine? Lipstick surely is fun when I wear it several times in a row,it leaves me with chapped lips which like me,I am sure all of you dislike.But the amazing lip crayons act as a natural moisturizer that helps in healing dry chapped lips and keeps them nourished.


Company: Lotus Herbals

Name: Ecostay Creme lip Crayon 

Shade: LC-1 Crimson Craze 

Quantity: 2.8 gm 

Price: RS 850 ( price may vary, it is easily available on Nykaa) 

Taking about the packaging it’s simple and quiet travel friendly. It comes with a plastic cap. No sharpner is provided, therefore you have to get one for yourself.

The shade I got is crimson craze which is a versatile shade that is suitable for both fair and dark tone skinned individual. 

It is almost similar to MAC Relentlessly Red. It’s highly pigmented and smudge proof. It contains Shea butter which nourishes the lips too. It stays for 7-8 hours and is totally a matte one. 

Tip: Better apply with a brush though as it’s really creamy in texture. It’s not gonna compliment your lips if appied excessively. 

Ps- This is my first post on my blog on make up review. Hope you like it. It’s feels like ages since I last wrote on my blog! Keep blogging.. with love!


As love relinquishes, a blossom in you dies

As a blossom dies, the love in you perishes..

When the dwindle,condense blossom decase, a thorn exemplars..

Neither restores the lost love

Nor unlatches those feelings.

But keeps on briering you,until you die or it dies in you,and as it dies in you, you too die.

So before the blossom is born,be sure it nurtures for a wise soul.

And before the blossom unlatches,try to relish it! 

Because once the blossom dies, rises the spine and then you don’t fall “in love” all you just “learn to love” 

Tears that you could never perceive,as they doff inside my zest… with a smile which you only enshrine

Words that you could never evade,as they were inced with the loudest cry which they never discern

Paroxysmal yet consummate,Lesion were profound..As I unlatched a new folio to ameliorate myself,the opus was again disrupted


Like a candel,I was

Wind passed,I was benumbed..

You were the one who enlighted my room(heart) ,with your Sparks and magnificent colours ..
Like a widow,I was 

Women taunted,I shed my pear drops

You were the one,who helped me to merge(like a free soul) ,with your openmindness and positive approach 

Like a orphan,I was 

No one to look after,I was ignored(neglected) 

You were a charisma,which made me the center of attraction… 

Ps- this post is dedicated to my brother Subhranshu da.. I don’t need a particular day to thank you like (birthday or brother’s day) you are special to me ..Some one very near .. 😊