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The word love never fails to astonish me.
While growing up we experienced this emotion in a whole different ways.
Starting from roaming around the corridors to get a glance, secretly seeking out during the lunch break to meet each other to returning home together after school.  I bet you won’t ever forget your first proposal, the first kiss or even the first heart break. . Tossing over these memories might make you feel silly, emotional or at times angry but you do remember every bit of it. I have always been og proudly I am still. One thing that I have realised by now is love leaves no traces of regret! Things might not have worked out the way you thought! But be happy that at least you could experience that emotion even for once. .  And someone once told me, there’s a part that remains with the other person even when the bond breaks! And I really find it beautiful, this always aspires peace of mind and always gives you the feeling of calm even admist the odds! Cherish what you have before it fades! Also start loving yourself. No matter the countless no of breaksup you had it doesn’t really matter those are just two days gossip. You know what you have had. Be happy


This is probably my last post regarding #vocalforlocal series. I have always been a big fan of hand-crafted products. Recently, I have collaborated with NZURIORGANICSKINCARE , a clean beauty brand.

JFI: NZURIORGANICSKINCARE is well-known for hand crafted, cruelty free and organic products. I am sure their unique range will surely amaze you.

Moroccan Red Clay Brightening Mask :

Packaging– Comes in a sturdy transparent glass jar. Moroccan Red Clay is rich in nutrient and helps to draw out impurities from the skin to leave you with smaller pores and tight skin. Usage – Apply it all over your face and wash after 10-15 minutes. Apply twice a week for best results. Benefits– Controls excessive oil production and overrated sebum. Exfoliates dead skin cells. Reduces blackheads and soothes acne issues. Improves skin texture. Skin type- Suited for all skin types. Works like a miracle for dry and dehydrated skin

Bubblegum Lipbalm:

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous packaging? Undoubtedly one of the best lip balm I’ve ever used. Sheer tube with a tight cap. Which is very handy! It has a light pinkish tint when applied. The texture is goopy with a little glossy finish to it. Soften and heals cracked lips. Intensely hydrating and stays for 4-5 hours. If you want chapped proof lips do try this out!

Follow them on Instagram for more details https://instagram.com/nzuriorganicskincare?igshid=16yqx0v9nlzmy

Double Cleansing 101

Get crystal clear skin

As the name suggests it’s a method of cleaning your face twice with two different types of cleanser.

Firstly with an oil based cleanser to breakdown makeup particles, excess oil, heavy serums. Secondly with a water based one to remove the left out residue.

Picture is taken from pinterest

Even if you are not wearing makeup, double cleaning is a must. After this method  follow up with your skin routine.

Product used:
Lava Rock cleansing balm @oceaninadrop.blue

Sensible H20 Micellaire Water @biodermaindia

Do you have any current favourites double cleansing duo?

Highly recommended for oily, acne prone skin or people like me who wears makeup or SPF daily. However I would suggest it for all skin type.


Sorry for being MIA for a long time. So here’s my take on #vocalforlocal ft Deyga
JFI: All these products are hand-crafted, cruelty free, organic and 100% pure. Also the packaging is worth mentioning S these are eco-friendly and reusable.
Orange & Almond facepack:

check out the product https://deyga.in/collections/skin-care/products/orange-almond-face-pack-200g

[Rs. 490| 200gm] It is made of organic ingredients (Almond meat, sun-dried pulp & zest of orange, essential oils, etc).
Usage– You need 1/2 tbsp of the powder and few drops of milk. Apply as a mask all over your face and wash after 10-15 mins. It rejuvenates your skin, helps to achieve the natural glow and gently exfoliates the dead skin cells. A must have product to get rid of tan.
Beautifying serum:


If you’re someone who is an extremely dry skin type like me, this product will do wonders to your skin. This one goes in my PM routine, I apply few drops of it all over my face and keep it overnight. Skin feels soft, plump, smooth and looks glowing after waking up. However I would recommend oily skin people to blend it with aloe vera gel and then apply it as this serum is more like a facial oil.
Basil toner:

Check out https://deyga.in/collections/skin-care/products/basil-toner-100ml

It is a very hydrating toner and calms down my skin. However I really don’t like the smell. I also use it to diy face packs. It can also be used to remove dirt from your face using a cotton ball.
Beetroot Lip Balm:

Check out https://deyga.in/collections/skin-care/products/beetroot-lip-balm-20g

It’s smooth and extremely moisturizing. It has a light pinkish tint and it’s a bit mattee. It softens and helps you to get rid of dry and chapped lips. Betanin present in beetroot helps to lighten dark pigmentation and discoloration in your lips.

Phenak India

Brand: Phenak.
JFI: All their products are 100% natural, cruelty free, SLS and paraffin free.

  • Rose Clay Face Mask: This is a great mask for dry skin. It smells like fresh rose and has a beautiful light pink colour. It helps to calm and soothes the skin. Skin feels soft, plum and hydrated after use. Apply this all over face keep for 10-15min and then risen off with water.
  • Pom Pom Body Scrub : I can’t get over the smell, you would literally smell like a bubble gum while applying it. The granules are very tiny and gently exfoliates and cleanse your skin. If you are someone like me who loves scented bath essentials it’s a must have for you all
  • Foot bomb: They’re the miniature version of bath bombs, looks like a ping pong ball. I was real excited to try this out and I am pretty much satisfied with the results. The aroma is really nice. It really gives a spa like experience at home. It helps to heal cracked feet and soothes the foot skin and it is very easy to use.

Recommendation : High

Use my code Sreya15 to avail a 15% off on your first purchase

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#vocalforlocal ft @skinssential

Brand: Skinssential
JFI: All these products are made with natural ingredients and are homemade.

Hair Nourishing Pack: You need 2 tbsp of this powder and half slice lemon and 2 big spoon of curd make a paste and apply on scalp and hair thoroughly. Hair feels super soft after wash and no serum is required after this. The pack is very much moisturizing and smells heavenly.

Hair Growth Oil: Infused with goodness of coconut oil, castor oil and Rosemary oil. I prefer to use this as a pre shampoo oil. I am not sure about hair growth as of now, because I have been using this for two weeks only. However after using this I feel my hair is becoming less frizzy and is well nourished. Relieves dry scalp, softens hair and gives a relaxing sensation.

Frizz control hair mask: Say no to bad hair days with this product. You need to apply this 30 minutes before washing. It does what it claims by easing out frizz. Also makes my hair healthy and softens my curls. I would highly recommend this to people with dry, rough and frizzy hair type people.

Floral Fruity Blast: You can mix it with honey and aloe vera and apply all over the face. Smooth texture and calms down the skin. Makes my skin soft and subtle after wash. However my skin feels a bit dry after wash therefore I prefer using a mild moisturizer after washing it off.

Gentle & soothing Goat’s milk soap: Fragrance is good and I really liked the texture. Good for regular cleansing. It goes well to normal skin. Provides a little cooling sensation and is pretty much moisturizing.

Chocolate lip balm: Undoubtedly the best lip balm I’ve used. It has tiny grain particles which helps you get rid of dead skin cells. Has a pink tint when applied. This one is quite moisturizing and combats dryness.

Recommendation: Definately yes!!

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#VocalforLocal – episode 1 ft Ocean in a Drop

JFI: If you are looking for some certified Ayurvedic, natural and skin friendly products do check out https://instagram.com/oceaninadrop.blue

I am sure their unique range will amaze you!

  • Lava Rock cleansing balm:

    Comes in a sturdy glass jar with all the product details along with a spatula. The balm glides smoothly all over the face. The texture is one of the best I have ever come across. It’s buttery yet not too creamy or sticky.

Bonus point is that it can be kept as a mask for few minutes as well. It melts down the stubborn dirt and takes off the makeup very well. I prefer using a facial cloth to rinse this off because cleansing balms never gets off well only by splashing water. My skin feels so soft and fresh after wash. I would recommend this to every makeup enthusiastic- hands down it’s one of my favourite product right now

  • Ubtan (Rose & lavender):

    It is a powder based face pack consisting of pink kaolin clay, ground oats, powdered coconut milk, honey etc.

Direction to use: Take 1 tsp in a bowl and add milk/curd to it. Apply it on your face and keep it for 3-5 minutes before it gets dry gently rub into skin like a scrub and then rinse it off.

It hydrates the skin and helps to control oil secretion. I am pretty sure, oily skin type people would swear by it. It exfoliates the dead skin after application it doesn’t make your skin dry . Thanks for stopping by and reading this! I hope you find the article helpful follow me on Instagram for more updates.

If you want to check out there page click Here . If you are a crystal lover you can check out there page click here

Vocal For Local ft beauty brands

PM Narendra Modi while addressing the nation on May 18, said the current crisis has taught us the importance of local manufacturing and supply chain.

“It is time to be vocal about local” he said.

I personally feel this is a great initiative because our local brands do need us beside them.

Promoting a brand would cost you ₹0. By supporting the local/ small Indian brands we can get through the approaching crisis.

If you have been following me over Instagram https://instagram.com/sreyaa_ray you may know that I have always preferred using affordable/ organic Indian Brands.It’s not that I have never used a foreign product / or I am still not using few.Ofcourse yes! But if I get an alternative Indian product to a particular foreign brand would definitely go for that. After a thorough research I have come up with my top picks: Indian brands for you I will be posting #vocalforlocal series on Instagram stay tuned for that.

The products I will be taking about some are purchased by me and some are gifted by the brand but all opinions are of my own!

I am very excited to introduce you all to my top favourite local Indian brands.

Blogging and it’s roots

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog. If you are new here let me introduce myself to you all.My name is Sreya Ray. I am currently pursuing Mass Communication and Journalism and I am a blogger by passion. Let me give you a deeper insight to my view on blogging.

Life is about making choices and not looking back. Blogging was a choice which helped me in many ways. I have always been inclined towards the world of skincare and beauty products. I liked to go through different products, reading about their pros and cons and used to recommend products to my friends according to their skin type. I always wanted to share that basic knowledge I had gathered (while trying and testing out) with people so I took a step towards blogging. Blogging about beauty and skincare products is not only about getting PR packages, clicking pictures and writing anything about the product without properly using it . It’s a thorough process. One which requires patience, hard work and dedication. It takes multiple trys before a perfect shot can be taken of the products. Then comes the hard part, the review. The review should be compact yet it should give a proper idea of the product and it should be without any prejudice or biases.

If you have always being inclined or passionate about this then I would advice you to give your best when you start because there is no gain without pain. There was a time when I had only 100 followers. I didn’t give up then and I am satisfied where I am right now. As I have said before, If I can then you can too. Keep up with the work you have started. A building is not complete if only the foundation is made. 🙂

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Keep creating guys!

Things you never knew about your beauty blender

Beauty blender has made our life so easier, isn’t it?
You can apply your foundation, concealer and even moisturiser with it. So easy to use and gives the perfect finish. But do you know how dangerous can they be, to know more continue reading…..

After every 6 months you are supposed to buy one. They too expire. These blenders are sponge which contains water and bacteria. Prolong use of a expired blender can cause severe skin issues and acne. It is not safe and hygenic to use an expired one.
If your blender breaks, chips or flakes even before 2-3 months then that’s because you’re using a cheaper one. Those are not good for your skin and absorbs a lot of your products.
Wet blenders are breeding ground for bacteria. If it is not dried properly, it can irritate your skin. never put it back to your make up bag when it is still wet. Keep it outside and let it dry naturally.

That’s all I had to say, guys please try to clean the blender atleast after2-3 use, if you’re not able to clean it after every use.

I hope you all are safe. Sorry for being MIA. Also I am planning something interesting for you all. Stay connected