To grow your business on Socials, the first step is to know the ABCD

Here are the 5 main foundations on which your strategy should be built upon :

1. Adequate knowledge about the market you are tapping on to, who are your competitors and what are their takes on socials.

2. Knowing your potential customers/consumers

3. Serving them right and nurturing them at the same time.

4. Knowing why you wanted to be on socials i.e how it is gonna upscale your business game

5. Prepare a calendar to follow ,prepare the content and execute them smoothly at the sam time.

I am sharing the exact questions that you need to ask yourself before you start off with your social media strategies.

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Little things

At times my heart feels too heavy.

They say keep yourself way too busy that uneasy thoughts can’t bother you.

But there’s an unsolved, unanswered question always tossing upon my mind. Why do I feel empty at times? Why after a super busy day my mind is more tired than my body?

It’s been so exhausting and frustrating at the same time lately. The thought that keeps on tossing over my mind will I just have to solve the cripping battles over my mind  all alone by myself. Will no one  come, sit besides me and ask me the questions so want someone to ask me. Questions to which I have my answers may or may not be ready. I might sound vulnerable and weak when I say I feel left all alone even when I have so many people around me we call them friends, family or aquantance at times. But I need that one person not a stranger to vent out uncanny thought but someone who’d stay and give me their lap to lie on after a “so not my day”. Bear with my shaky voice, trembling thoughts or just hear my rants about work and how I am overworking myself lately. Someone who’d sit besides me hold my hand and listen to my silence when I run out of words to say. That’s rare though, I mean I am a quite talkative person and can pen down my emotions well but at times there’s a void or a block even in it which someone who’d  actually miss me through the free time they have in their day can fill in.

Someone who’d make some time for me in their busy schedule. I might be asking for too much you might feel but you know “one of those days”. And on these days I don’t want to go to sleep for the sake of it, it won’t give me peace I’ll be wide awake till 3am and my overworked body might surrender and the night will pass. I know I sound very desperate when I say all of these things. But I sure am desperate to find that home in one person who will understand that I’ve been just a terribly lonely person or a hopelessly romantic. Understand that I’ve never known the love I’ve given. Never been the one needed by someone. Never been loved the way I think I deserve.

Maybe someday, or someone is the constant reassurance to heart to lull it to sleep but my heart craves for what that will reassure me!

Self Care is not a step, it’s a routine..

What’s your favourite form of self care lately?Drop down below 👇👇👇

❌❌ I used to think self care was simply doing my skincare or make a cup of green tea every day but it’s so much more than that! ❌❌

👉 Self care can be setting healthy boundaries, detaching yourself from work after working hours, taking a stand yourself, tuning a step back from the people who aren’t adding values to your life and prioritising healthy lifestyle habits.

👉 I’ve been practicing gratitude journaling and on Sundays I prefer going out for solo dates or maybe a walk just to detach myself from the mundane monotonous life and even social media detox has helped me to balance out my sleep cycle.

👉These small steps that i am taking time out for is actually worth mentioning as it gets me the ease and me time what I have been missing for a long time.

Leave a ❤ below if you agree!

Skincare and Mindfulness: my go-to duo for self-care. ✨曆

Skincare is a soft form of self appreciation, nourishing your skin and adding the extra doze of love which it actually need daily!

 You don’t need to have a 7 step routine the basic CTM routine solves the purpose.

Time to nurture your soul is quite important as you nourish your skin and body. Keep reading to know more 樂

My morning routine is pretty basic :
I can’t wake up too early it’s always between 8:30 am to 9 am because I have to commute to work after all.

 It includes
1. Detox water/ Green tea
2. CTM routine
3. Basic Stretching and relaxation exercises
4. Gratitude Journaling ( sometimes)

What I usually avoid:
– Staying in bed for too long
– Negative thoughts
– Using my phone or checking my socials ❌
– Having a very spicy breakfast/ junk food 濫
– Loud music
– Intense work out

It’s not an ideal routine for all but for me it’s like a lil therapy to start my day on an positive note and fresh mind.

What’s your morning routine includes?
What are the things that you usually avoid doing in that time?

Dear Past Self

The girl right in front of you always wanted to work in a creative space. When I was a kid I wanted to be a painter, then a fashion designer, in my +2 level even I wanted to Clinical Psychologist. While in my initial college days randomly I started with my own blog because I was really passionate about it. Slowly my content creation got shifted to Instagram. Within the past 4 years the journey has been amazing I have worked for several brands and have a pretty decent no of people who believes in me.

My parents were super confused with my sudden shift of interests but never discouraged me.

The message to my past self would be:
You weren’t wrong when you had realms of thought we often try and test out things after which we can understand what’s best for us!

It wasn’t easy to adapt all the changes but the passion for the field I always wanted to work in happened finally!

To the young audience reading this – If you are still struggling in life to figure out what you really want to do, take baby steps explore different fields but mostly try to enjoy and love your work.

Your aka part time social media content creator is now a full time social media strategist. Nothing happened over night I made mistakes, took some impulsive decisions, failed too at times. Take it easy on yourself and do what you are really passionate about! ❤

All you need to know about ‘Call to Action’

Call to Actions are like the local tour guide in a new place. They help you to convert a follower to a customer by providing them a que to what to do next!

Clients or more likely the customer who wants to avail the service or are interested for the same CTA direct them to it easily! It answer the how to buy? How to book factor easily.

In other words:

Now you know it motivates your audience to take action towards becoming a customer. Let’s understand what CTA’s you need for your service.

There are few things you need to keep in mind while identifying the right CTA for your purpose.

Skipping the CTA is a grave mistake, might be this is why you loosing your potential buyers.

Here’s a list of examples that work really well.

I hope this post will helped you to understand the CTA’s better. What is your take on this topic do you think CTA’S are important? Which one do you use the most?

Random thought#love

The word love never fails to astonish me.
While growing up we experienced this emotion in a whole different ways.
Starting from roaming around the corridors to get a glance, secretly seeking out during the lunch break to meet each other to returning home together after school.  I bet you won’t ever forget your first proposal, the first kiss or even the first heart break. . Tossing over these memories might make you feel silly, emotional or at times angry but you do remember every bit of it. I have always been og proudly I am still. One thing that I have realised by now is love leaves no traces of regret! Things might not have worked out the way you thought! But be happy that at least you could experience that emotion even for once. .  And someone once told me, there’s a part that remains with the other person even when the bond breaks! And I really find it beautiful, this always aspires peace of mind and always gives you the feeling of calm even admist the odds! Cherish what you have before it fades! Also start loving yourself. No matter the countless no of breaksup you had it doesn’t really matter those are just two days gossip. You know what you have had. Be happy


This is probably my last post regarding #vocalforlocal series. I have always been a big fan of hand-crafted products. Recently, I have collaborated with NZURIORGANICSKINCARE , a clean beauty brand.

JFI: NZURIORGANICSKINCARE is well-known for hand crafted, cruelty free and organic products. I am sure their unique range will surely amaze you.

Moroccan Red Clay Brightening Mask :

Packaging– Comes in a sturdy transparent glass jar. Moroccan Red Clay is rich in nutrient and helps to draw out impurities from the skin to leave you with smaller pores and tight skin. Usage – Apply it all over your face and wash after 10-15 minutes. Apply twice a week for best results. Benefits– Controls excessive oil production and overrated sebum. Exfoliates dead skin cells. Reduces blackheads and soothes acne issues. Improves skin texture. Skin type- Suited for all skin types. Works like a miracle for dry and dehydrated skin

Bubblegum Lipbalm:

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous packaging? Undoubtedly one of the best lip balm I’ve ever used. Sheer tube with a tight cap. Which is very handy! It has a light pinkish tint when applied. The texture is goopy with a little glossy finish to it. Soften and heals cracked lips. Intensely hydrating and stays for 4-5 hours. If you want chapped proof lips do try this out!

Follow them on Instagram for more details

Double Cleansing 101

Get crystal clear skin

As the name suggests it’s a method of cleaning your face twice with two different types of cleanser.

Firstly with an oil based cleanser to breakdown makeup particles, excess oil, heavy serums. Secondly with a water based one to remove the left out residue.

Picture is taken from pinterest

Even if you are not wearing makeup, double cleaning is a must. After this method  follow up with your skin routine.

Product used:
Lava Rock cleansing balm

Sensible H20 Micellaire Water @biodermaindia

Do you have any current favourites double cleansing duo?

Highly recommended for oily, acne prone skin or people like me who wears makeup or SPF daily. However I would suggest it for all skin type.


Sorry for being MIA for a long time. So here’s my take on #vocalforlocal ft Deyga
JFI: All these products are hand-crafted, cruelty free, organic and 100% pure. Also the packaging is worth mentioning S these are eco-friendly and reusable.
Orange & Almond facepack:

check out the product

[Rs. 490| 200gm] It is made of organic ingredients (Almond meat, sun-dried pulp & zest of orange, essential oils, etc).
Usage– You need 1/2 tbsp of the powder and few drops of milk. Apply as a mask all over your face and wash after 10-15 mins. It rejuvenates your skin, helps to achieve the natural glow and gently exfoliates the dead skin cells. A must have product to get rid of tan.
Beautifying serum:

If you’re someone who is an extremely dry skin type like me, this product will do wonders to your skin. This one goes in my PM routine, I apply few drops of it all over my face and keep it overnight. Skin feels soft, plump, smooth and looks glowing after waking up. However I would recommend oily skin people to blend it with aloe vera gel and then apply it as this serum is more like a facial oil.
Basil toner:

Check out

It is a very hydrating toner and calms down my skin. However I really don’t like the smell. I also use it to diy face packs. It can also be used to remove dirt from your face using a cotton ball.
Beetroot Lip Balm:

Check out

It’s smooth and extremely moisturizing. It has a light pinkish tint and it’s a bit mattee. It softens and helps you to get rid of dry and chapped lips. Betanin present in beetroot helps to lighten dark pigmentation and discoloration in your lips.