Looming over the fronds of my dole

I received the most exquisite premium of my life..

 But his unforeseen disembarkation was when, the periphery of my heart got burnt….The fire to my love has blown off…The match to my finger got burnt…The book to my love got finished…


 Neither did i cry 

 Neither did i smile

 Neither was i angry

 Neither was i mad .. 
 All i was ..was ..in love 

 But you didn’t know that.. did you ? 

 Perhaps you did .. 

 Perhaps you tried ..

Perhaps we weren’t meant to be ..

Perhaps we will never be .. 



I’m standing here emotionless..

I’m just roaming the earth in search of all your hopelessness..

Perhaps its  loathsomeness that speaks .. 

Perhaps it’s my hearts boastfulness .. 

Perhaps .. Perhaps .


Perhaps I’ll cry once i don’t have you ..

Perhaps I’ll lie once i don’t have you ..

Perhaps I’ll die once i don’t have you ..

Perhaps it’s my last goodbye once i don’t have you .. :’)

Ps: entire credit goes to Suvadeep Mondal for the amazing plot..Thank you! šŸ™‚

No way to recover..

He said,”It’s okay,if you don’t  love me,but please don’t break the friendship”

I was shocked,I was numbed(by his sudden epiphany)..But  symposiumed a etheral reaction to it(thinking of our bond) 

He smiled,but the pain was brimming in his eyes..

Did he hurt himself?

Did he cry?

Was not known to me..But I could perceive those pear drops gushing down from his eyes 

Having no idea how to recant to his yearning love ….i evocated that “look boy,we are good friends..And Nothing else” 

Hurting him was not my intention

But maybe that day I distorted his room(heart) 

 Being trapped in the four walls of life

I felt helpless,

‘Staying with him’ was perceived as a recovery of an imaginary love (by him) 

‘Going away’ was like loosing your childhood best friend (for her) 

Thinking of our friendship

Whenever I stretched out my hand

He used to perceive it as “talisman” recovering his love 

I failed to make him realize that 

“My cairing,those moments,those secrets,those jokes, confession and our bond was held on a pure thing ‘our childhood friendship'”(which I wanted to keep forever) 

He used to smile,but pain never dried his eyes..

 We both remained single 

Yet committed,

One valued friendship 

Another was in hope of an imaginary love (which he never perceived back) 

Ps- this post for someone very close to me..It’s easy to say” she ‘friendzoned’ me..” But not always after your confession she avoids you..Your change in behavior makes the situation akward. Friendship has no bindings..You confessed your feelings thats fine..If she does not reciprocates .. that should’nt affect your friendship ..

His words were something,which held my spirit captive…and had drawn me to its edge.. During the dawn of my blooming life

Contrary to the translucent world’s view

His eyes used to unfasten myself through a crescent (to find the real depth)

While the viens of my heart were throbbing hard due to bruished pain..

Sudden arrival of his in my life, Kept me wondering..Was he a pleasant mist?or, a gentle kiss?

My soul was exhausted, famished as it wanted to see me mourning (all more)

While he came in my life,

Like a blooming flower to give me back my petals 
While he came in my life,to scold those birds who didn’t chirp for me during the hours of dawn…

HE arrived to PROTECT me……………………. .From 

“Weather’s disgrace”

I don’t know how long this mist will rominate the surrounding with all its ‘love and care’

I don’t know,when he is gonna depart..But one thing I know it was him…Who taught me to merge like a free soul..

 The day he will depart,(i’ll cry) But …..

“In a short span of time,

It didn’t took long for him 

to pay a visit in the ‘alley’ of my lucid heart”

One sided loveĀ 

And a one sided love,a pure feeling where you don’t even expect a bit of care from your beloved..It feels as if,that person’s mood is a remote that turns you on and off…When he be like sad,you feel low too, without any reason

And the best part of one sided love is here,that is no drama,no insecurity,no ego,no jealousy,no expectation(therefore no disappointment)

Therefore I feel not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish it..

It’s unconditional feeling,here you don’t wait for your lover to understand or love you back, because that hardly matters!

And the most funny part of one sided love is after all day’s fatigue and tiredness seeing your love happy,gives you a reason to smile!

Without expecting to be loved back but loving someone to the fullest…That’s something different!

  • Staring at your crush, smiling like an idiot
  • Reading old texts daily 
  • Dying out to hear him once

Bond is different!Hard to explain but is a bliss to experience