Why should we shave our face? #makeup #bblogger #skincare

Struggling with ‘vellus hair’ or ‘peach fuzz’? Scared of the pain while threading and waxing? Shave it! Yes, you heard it right. It might sound crazy to you but trust me its not.

It’s been 6-7 months since I am using these tinkle razors. I will be talking about the myths, advantages and the cautions that you must know if you are planning to use them.

“Hair will grow back darker and thicker too”.

No it does not, an artificial thing cannot change your growth rate or the thickness neither it appears dark.

It will increase your hair growth and you will have a man beard”

This is the most hilarious thing that I have ever heard. Shaving, threading or waxing does not affect the growth cycle.
•Pocket friendly (3 razors will cost you Rs.200)and I need a razor per month while threading your full face cost around Rs.200 to Rs.250 and waxing around Rs.500 to Rs.700.
•Not only remove unwanted hair from face, nose and forehead but also provides exfoliation and helps with clogged pores.
•Easy to use once you learn the technique properly.
•Doesn’t harm your skin, give smoother and softer skin by removing dead skin cells.


  1. Please learn the technique before you use them(refer to some YouTube videos) to avoid cuts.
  2. Be careful while using them, do it slowly and put the minimum pressure you can.

3.Usage: I use it 2 to 3 days in a week or whenever I feel the need to use it.
Available on nykaa and Amazon.

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13 thoughts on “Why should we shave our face? #makeup #bblogger #skincare

  1. YESSS thank you. I’ve been doing this for well over a year now and I’m never going back. The money I’m saving plus the ease….yeah, never paying for a wax or thread again lmao. I’m good.

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