6 ways to earn money on Amazon

Times like the 21st century by default calls for automated services. Given the technological and economic fluency, here the demands are expected to be met as soon as possible and at a speed and efficiency that was beyond imagination before. An American by the name of Jeff Bezos’s brainchild happens to be the pioneer of it.
What we today know as Amazon all across the globe, was founded in Bezos’s garage of his rented house in Bellevue, Washington. It started off as a small venture for selling books online. Now, which stands as the world’s largest online shopping site.
This e-commerce website is not only a topic destination for patrons but is tremendously popular for its launches- kindle E Reader, Echo and Alexa speaker devices, prime membership, Amazon Pay etc. it has also paved way for interested people to make money out it. However there are several fellow competitors like eBay, Click Funnels, Snopify, etc but Amazon juts out of all.
Through Amazon it is easier to step out to the world of e-commerce. Over the years Amazon has seen a growth ranging from 25% to 31%. According to the National Retail Federation, Amazon holds the position of worlds largest retailers.

There are several methods through which one earn money from Amazon. The best six convenient options are enlisted below:
1) Selling products as a seller/re-seller: This is something most of us are well aware of. One can sell their private label products in Amazon. However, it requires good amount of market research, well craft-knowledge about recent trends and patience. It might take time to blow off, but when it does one can earn a hefty amount out of it. Another wat is, selling wholesale goods which is basically purchasing the goods in bulk from the manufacturer first, then selling them as a reseller Amazon. This is profitable because when we buy goods in bulk, the net cost price reduces and then the goods can be sold at a higher rate. If you are planning to start as a reseller make sure to have letter from the manufacturer for reselling of their merchant. Amazon is a great platform to boost up your business for sellers and reseller, via FBA.
2) Publishing your own book: An open invitation for writers to self-publish their own e-book on kindle or printed books. Amazon provides a base for budding authors as they publish a lot of books annually. One needs to promote it by every possible means to boost up the sale. It stands as a great platform to showcase your creativity as well as serves as a medium for earning. The only thing to look out for is the fact that the writing should be prolific to gain any success.
3) Be a Flex Driver- If you own a four wheeler or two wheeler, why not use it to deliver goods for Amazon? The job of a Flex Driver has its own perks as one can set schedule and number of work hours as per their convenience. This is a totally performance-based earning, as ‘the more you drive, the more you earn’.
4) Be an Amazon Influencer/Amazon Affiliate: It includes Bloggers, Influencers, content creators, Instagram celebrities, youtuber and other who can influence people and make them buy certain products. They need to promote product links from Amazon to their free website. When users make a purchase via the traceable link, it generates revenue to the Affiliator. Amazon’s Associates helps in the aforementioned process.
5) Work-From Home Employee- One can become customer service Associate for Amazon and can earn up to 12 dollars an hour. To qualify as a customer service Associate, one needs to have a minimum educational qualification, proficiency in English and good communication skills. The primary task involves answering queries on calls, replying to emails, etc.

6) Merch by Amazon: It is a self-service program. It allows one to upload their own designs on Amazon, when these designs are brought by retailers for making t-shirts the creator gets paid royalties. It is not that popularly known online business model cut there, but serves a good mode of earning huge profit just by work for 2-3 hours a day.

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